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This international 3-year project is carried out as a part of Erasmus +KA2 project work. Our aim is to give our students an opportunity to communicate with each other and display their pieces of work during the project years. Students aged 13-16 years from Latvia, Poland, Finland, Italy and Estonia are the participants of the eT...

Project Journal

  • Dear friends from Finland,

    Congratulations on the 100th jubilee of the Republic of Finland!
    This photo shows how we celebrated this important day at our school in Estonia!

    Finland 100.jpg

    - Posted by Ere Tumm, 06.12.2017

  • Dear friends from Latvia, Italy, Finland, Poland and Estronia,

    As you return to school and eTwinning, remember that knowledge is like a lamp, and every new thing you learn makes the light brighter!

    Welcome back!

    For the first task open the Pages- SECOND YEAR TASK 1: Introducing our ountries, read the instructions and enjoy working with your friends!

    All the best to everybody!


    - Posted by Ere Tumm, 04.09.2017

  • Dear friends from Latvia, Italy, Finland, Poland and Estonia,

    We have successfully finished the First Project Year at eTwinning! Thank you all both students and teachers for your efficient contribution and hard work!

    During the First Project Year at eTwinning we managed to deal with the following things:

    * our students got to know each other by creating short intros with the help of voki.com
    * every partner school introduced their school by giving the information about the school, uploading photos and videos
    * we had a Forum discussion in order to comapre the information about our partner schools
    * the first and the utmost activity of the First Project Year at eTwinning was to share the materials about the most important task of then year: The Field Trip
    * we posted photos, videos, short articles and the descriptions of the tasks carried out during the Field Trip.

    All in all, we have all been great partners and friends!

    All the best and let's get started in September!

    Enjoy your summer holidays!


    summer holidays.jpg

    - Posted by Ere Tumm, 26.06.2017

  • Our impressions of the first project year: POLAND

    We enjoyed the first year. We enjoyed our meetings in Estonia and in Italy. Meeting again our partners was very enjoyable, pleasant, desirable and constructive. We have learnt a lot about IT technologies in connection with nature, which seemed to be very specific, unknown, but a modern and new approach to learning and teaching. Although it was very strange and difficult at the very beginning, we managed somehow. Despite some difficulties, (like getting together at same time to talk over our plans and activities, like organizing our activities by many students and teachers in time) we also somehow managed to carry out our planned activities. We hope it will be useful, interesting for students in future. Working on our project made us think in a different way of teaching, it made us look for other ways of conveying knowledge to students, it taught us how to use and operate IT technologies, it taught us that something which seems to be impossible, might turn out to be possible and workable. At the same time students were very happy and eager to record our activities, to take pictures, to place them on platforms, to use apps and to think how to write new apps. We have got acquainted with some European programs, requirements, and ways of working in EU. All in all, we are happy that we are taking part in the project.

    - Posted by Ere Tumm, 02.06.2017

  • All the 7th graders from Kiukaisten yhteiskoulu and some students from Euran yhteiskoulu (the ones who have been involved in the project) went on a field trip to Omassuo, a bog in Eura on April the 24th


    - Posted by Tuula Kytövuori, 23.05.2017