Environmentally Friendly Cranberries and Innovative Tablets

This international 3-year project is carried out as a part of Erasmus +KA2 project work. Our aim is to give our students an opportunity to communicate with each other and display their pieces of work during the project years. Students aged 13-16 years from Latvia, Poland, Finland, Italy and Estonia are the participants of the eT...

Project Journal

  • Should anybody be interested in discovering what (positive) is going on in the Italian partner school, I suggest visiting
    - Posted by Emanuela Sbordi, 24.02.2018

  • We are very proud: The Republic of Estonia 100!

    Estonia 100.jpg

    - Posted by Ere Tumm, 24.02.2018

  • Dear students,

    All countries have successfully completed the two major aims of the project in autumn term 2017.
    They were creating plays on the environment and digitechnology and having a Christmas Charity Sale.

    Now it`s your turn to express your opinion on both of these activities.

    Please open Forums, find the name of your country and leave your comment there. You can write why you liked these activities, what you learned from them etc. You can work in pairs.

    All the best!
    - Posted by Ere Tumm, 21.01.2018

  • We made our video in a forest. Here is a picture about the making of the video.


    - Posted by Tuula Kytövuori, 03.01.2018

  • Merry Christmas and a Very Happy New Year to you all.
    It has been a pleasure to work with you.


    - Posted by Tuula Kytövuori, 21.12.2017