European Christmas Tree

The main goal of this project is to promote sharing between peers. At the same time, we aim that students develop their knowledge about Europe, realizing that there are different cultures and different languages, and that they’re part of that community. We intend to built an “European Christmas Tree”, in each school that joins the project, with orn...


    Project Journal

    • Hello everyone
      I would like to show you our village in a short movie
      - Posted by Sylwia Andrzejak, 06.05.2017

    • I presented our project to all my colleagues,kids parents and the rest of the school!





      - Posted by Tania Sideridou, 20.04.2017

    • My students evaluated the project.They answered a question using answergarden app.''How do you feel about the project now that it has finished?''..''Happy,relefied,proud '',are some of the answers :)


      - Posted by Tania Sideridou, 20.04.2017

    • Ciao to everyone !
      Has anybody applied for a Quality Label ?
      Please let us know so we can do the same.
      love Luisa
      - Posted by Luisa Lenta, 07.02.2017

    • Someone said that Christmas time is whenever we want... so thank you Claudia and pupils, from Italy. Your decorations were fantastic.

      DSC_2629 (640x428).jpg

      DSC_2630 (640x428).jpg

      - Posted by Margarida Barbieri, 04.02.2017