We want to work about the citizenship in Europe, our lifestyle and opinions about current issues. The students want to know more about teens in other countries, how they live, what they eat, how they live, languages, interests…
    We would like  to know better other European  countries , practicing English for communication and collaborating using digital tools like twinspace, email, blog





    • Promoting mutual intercultural understanding among  European countries
    • Becoming aware of several social problems
    • Participating and collaborating by ICT in education offering a new vision of learning
    • Using the English with other European schools in education
    • Giving opinions about  topics using vocabulary and grammar




    • Students editing their profile, with a real picture of themselves
    • writting messages and communicating with their peers
    • Maybe also we recording videos with presentations in groups and of the school
    • they could ask and answer about topics like hobbies (sports, books, music...)
    • Also they could give opinions about current issues like: houseworks, bulliyng at school, inmigration, religions, terrorism in europe, democracy, environmental problems, Human Rights...
    • one topic a month... We could use the twinspace and forums.. or recording videos speaking about every topic


    Sep-        Introducing and  registering of students in the TwinSpace.

    Oct -       Housework

    Nov-       What is the most important thing for the human beings?

    Dec -      The Christmas Festivity: customs and traditions

    Jan-        Immigration, integration, multiculturalism in our towns, schools

    Feb-        Democracy and  terrorism in Europe

    Mar-Apr-  Environmental problems

    May-     Human rights in our countries 

    June-     Assessment


    Products or results

    ( Blog, photos, videos…)

    • Communicating by twinspace (messages and chat)
    • Creating power-points about social questions
    • Recording short videos of presentation of themselves, schools
    • Creating posters with pictures, and sentences about thoughts
    • Creating blogs in groups with pictures, videos, music… that they like







































    Participating teachers & schools:

    Malin Strand                            Kaperskolan, Kungsbacka SWEDEN

    Arslan Osman Emre            Ahmet Vefik Pasa Ortaokulu, Istambul- Zeytinburnu TURKEY

    Chrysoula Diakoumogiannopoulou        Εκπαιδευτηρια Ν. Ζαγοριανακου, Athens, Greece

    M.Amparo Fernandez Segura              IES.Jose Rodrigo Botet, Valencia-Manises, SPAIN