United in Diversity

The project is aimed at helping our students to raise their awareness of the diversity of our world and to understand that this diversity of religions, languages, cultures and ethnicities can't be a pretext for conflict but a treasure that enriches us all. Exploring their own environment and those of their peers in the other partner schools s...

9.1. Pledge Against Discrimination

We have continued working on the topic of racism and discrimination. The students in the eTwinning project in Barcelona wrote and signed a pledge against discrimination and all of them have also comitted to disseminate the idea among all the members of our school community. The eTwinning teacher, Ms Patricia Mateo, informed the school board of our interest in inviting the whole school to sign our pledge against discrimination and they enthusiastically replied saying the school board absolutely endorsed our pledge. Etwinning students, in pairs, are visiting all the classes, telling them about our project and inviting them to sign the pledge. We are utterly delighted by the response we are getting, and truly believe that with our tiny personal contribution we can help make the world a little better. 

Author: Patricia Mateo
Last editor: Patricia Mateo