Explore and have fun while the four seasons run

Students from 5 different countries make observations about changes in nature and share the results.

Project Journal

  • It is always fun checking the rainfall and the temperature, but it is even funnier sharing the results. It is so cold in Finland and Estonia!!



    - Posted by Mercedes Galán Pina, 04.11.2016

  • Today we had a very exciting videoconference to divide all the students into 5 groups to form international teams. We used the "Name picker random" from classtools. It was fun!


    GROUP 1: Irene, Vera, Maytane, Desi, David B. (Spain), Milla, Essi, Ville (Finland), Emina, Kardelen, Arda, Zeliha (Turkey), Nikoleta, Maria (Greece),Mirell (Estonia).

    GROUP 2: Elsa, Kevin, Iker, Nuno, Tania (SP), Leevi, Viljami (FI), Hayda, Betül, Nisa, Aylin, Medine (TU), Mihalis, Paraskevi, Emo (GR), Simo (EST).

    GROUP 3: Lucía G., Lucía R., Tomás, Joan, Lázaro (SP), Jemina, Juho (FI), Hkim, Mustafa, Gülsena, Zehra, Buse (TU), Valia, Panagiotis, Manolis (GR), Jakob, Karl Robin (EST).

    GROUP 4: Olaya, Yaiza, Yeray, Ana, Davis N, Jandro (SP), Sofia, Daniel (FI), Tinuçin, Gülçin, Atakam. mehmet, Seval (TU), Pavlos, Fotini (GR), Tormi (EST)
    - Posted by Mercedes Galán Pina, 04.10.2016

  • Spanish students


    - Posted by Mercedes Galán Pina, 30.09.2016