I'm trying, exploring, discovering

This project is for preschoolers (3-7 years old children). The project will continue 6 months (from October to March). All these months every week kids will have ability to do experiments with water, colors, ice, soda, vinegar and etc. These experiments will be a chance for kids to know nature and elements of nature . Kids will get more knowledges ...

Project Journal

  • It's certificate :)


    - Posted by Laura Bajoriūnė, 29.06.2017

  • Girls, I got a Quality Label. It's amazing!!! Thank you so much for your work in this project :)
    - Posted by Laura Bajoriūnė, 27.06.2017

  • I want to introduce some videos from the project "I'm trying, exploring, discovering". It was presentations for parents what we learned with their children.

    - Posted by Laura Bajoriūnė, 27.06.2017

  • Our notice-board of project "I'm trying, exploring, discovering"


    - Posted by Laura Bajoriūnė, 27.06.2017

  • Girls, what do you think maybe we can continue this project and displace it to Erasmus+ in 2018 February? I would like to meet with you and your pupils in live :)
    - Posted by Laura Bajoriūnė, 22.06.2017