English through stories

We'll use common topics found in our English text books to teach English. The materials will be created by our pupils and they will be responsible for the outcomes- A cultural component will include a lesson on Christmas. The duration of the project will be about 5 months. The project goals are improving their English, getting to know each oth...


    Project Journal

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      - Posted by Karin Meixner, 30.06.2017

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      - Posted by Erki Larm, 20.06.2017

    • Thanks everyone for the great stories!!!!! Austria wins the "great idea" prize for copying our story and writing more than one ending!!!!

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      - Posted by Leslie Speicher, 18.05.2017

    • OK Austria. We'll get to work!


      - Posted by Leslie Speicher, 18.04.2017

    • The first sketches of the boy's story. Which one will be selected to go on an international journey? Wait and see.


      - Posted by Leslie Speicher, 16.03.2017