“It fits” core idea is to help the creation of a more balanced school programs, from the perspective of Gardner Multiple Intelligence theory. It offers eight ways of teaching and learning styles , eight “intelligences”:verbal-linguistic, musical-rhythmic, visual-spatial,logical-mathematical,bodily-kinesthetic, interpersonal, intrapersonal and natur...


    Project Journal

    • Dear friends, finally we can show how we have been working on Multiple intelligences through tales (with Begoña Ibarrola book "Tales to discover intelligences). We hope you like it!

      - Posted by BEGOÑA HERNÁNDEZ LÓPEZ, 20.04.2017

    • Hello! Finally we have chosen the suggestion of the logo. First of all the students designed the logos in groups and then they drew their model. Then the students voted what they think it is the best. Finally 5th grade students Anni and Kalle made the logo.
      "In this logo the stars are all the children in Spain, in Reunion and in Finland. The colours come from the colours of the flags."

      It fits logo 001.jpg

      - Posted by Leena Alenius-Määttä, 17.02.2017

    • January 30, World Day for Peace and Non-Violece
      We have celebrated this day with different school activities related to Peace.We have painted our Peace tree and we have searched in the translator the word peace in different languages.

      PEACE TREE.jpg

      - Posted by Esther Rodríguez Serradilla, 01.02.2017

    • Hello!!! A video to show you our first mindmap...

      - Posted by Esther Rodríguez Serradilla, 20.01.2017

    • Our five logos! We have decided in teams the ideas we want in our project logo, we did individual logos and then common ones... These five are our favourite ones... Now we cannot wait to see yours ...

      - Posted by Esther Rodríguez Serradilla, 15.12.2016