From Robots to Robotics

Project journal, collaboration and communication platform for the Erasmus+ KA2 project “Exceptional Technique in Everyday Issues and More” participated by partner schools from the Czech Republic, Germany, France and Spain.

Project Journal

  • Toulouse Lautrec Meeting: Debating Club

    - Posted by Laura Fort, 11.06.2018

  • Tasks for the fourth meeting in Friedland

    tasks Friedland.docx

    - Posted by Soňa Macurová, 04.06.2018

  • These are the stories written by the Spanish students, who have chosen to continue 'The Materializer'. I've taken their pictures away


    - Posted by Isabel Redondo Vigil, 09.05.2018

  • Here you'll find some short stories written by French students on the topic at hand. Thanks to their creative talent, you'll be travelling from conspiracy to superhero robots, from college to impossible inventors in this robotic world.


    LEJAILLE Arthur - VERC Project.docx

    - Posted by Laura Fort, 09.04.2018

  • Do your own robot

    - Posted by Mauricio del gallego naredo, 08.04.2018