From Robots to Robotics

Project journal, collaboration and communication platform for the Erasmus+ KA2 project “Exceptional Technique in Everyday Issues and More” participated by partner schools from the Czech Republic, Germany, France and Spain.


    Project Journal

    • Physics Olimpiads

      Spanish teams working in Physics Olimpiads

      - Posted by Mauricio del gallego naredo, 19.02.2018

    • A summary of the tasks for the next meeting in TOLOUSE, FRANCE.

      Tasks for the next meeting in TOLOUSE.docx

      - Posted by Michaela Kupčová, 15.12.2017

    • Video with photos from the second international meeting created by the Spanish school.

      - Posted by Michaela Kupčová, 20.11.2017

    • Programme of the second international meeting in Spain.


      - Posted by Michaela Kupčová, 20.11.2017

    • We have announced a science-fiction writing competition in our school in order to get sci-fi stories written by students. Look at the poster and if you like it you can use it in your schools too. Looking forward to reading all the stories from partner schools.

      sci-fi competition 2.jpg

      - Posted by Michaela Kupčová, 29.09.2017