What is school like in your country?

The aim of this simple project is for young people to exchange information on the differences between schools in their countries. This will help develop pupils who are learning English. It will involve e mailing and video.

Project Journal

  • Our NQL! We are proud of it! Thank you all for collaboration!


    - Posted by Tatjana Tomić Đorović, 09.08.2017

  • Happy easter !!!! Καλο πασχα!!!!!
    - Posted by Athina Garbola, 28.04.2017

  • Happy New Year to all our partners !!!!!!!!!
    Athina and her students from GREECE


    - Posted by Athina Garbola, 11.01.2017

  • Made with Padlet

    - Posted by Stephen Dolan, 19.12.2016

  • Thank you Tatjana, we are going to fill in your questions on Saturday (the next time I see my pupils).
    It has been a very positive experience and we have found new, friends who we would like to keep in touch with.
    In the meantime, this project stays open and we can still share further ideas, if you like. :) :) :)
    - Posted by Angela De Giacomi, 16.12.2016