GAME-Genius And Mission in Education

The project GAME ( Genius And Mission in Education) is addressed to teachers who would like to strenghten their own profile in teaching learning process to support and promote inclusive education.Teachers and students will work together applying non-formal learning methodology as good practice in education to widespread it at European level.


Project Journal

    The Booklet of the project is the output of this European Erasmus+ strategic Partnership KA219 based on the exchange of good practices at local, national and international level.
    The title of the Booklet is: «Genius And Mission in Education: exchange of good practices».
    Each school developed individually the activities of the 3 Missions and during the short-term exchange of groups of pupils they were implemented in international teams for a total of 9 activities in two years of the Strategic Partnership

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  • Dissemination event at IES de Infiesto


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  • Dissemination event of educational material of Erasmus+ project eHAND to the local community of Oreokastro. Sunday 30 September, at 19.30 pm in the 2nd General Lyceum of Oreokastro.
    Parents, shopkeepers, professionals, citizens and representatives of local government are invited to this event.

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  • Dissemination of TPM in Oreokastro: what the sites wrote about the meeting in Oreokastro

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  • Certificate award






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