One thousand and one things you can do in my town at least once in your life...

The students have to produce a video or a multimedial presentation to explain one thing to do or one place to visit in his/her town. Here you are several ideas: - Where do you go in your free time ? - Which is the most famous square? - Which is the most ancient building in your town? - Where do you go if you want to dance? - Who is the most ...

Project Journal

  • Ready for travel to Spain?

    Albanian Team

    - Posted by Dhurata Myrtollari, 02.07.2018

  • Good news friends.


    New Picture (3).jpg

    New Pictureone.jpg

    - Posted by Dhurata Myrtollari, 31.07.2017

  • I meet mi the shopville "GranReno" (boy Amanda Ghini)

    - Posted by Chiara Heltai, 04.04.2017

  • In my town you can do.... ice-skating with your friends! (by Aurora Sulfaro)

    - Posted by Chiara Heltai, 01.03.2017

  • One thing you can do in visiting the two Towers!

    - Posted by Chiara Heltai, 17.02.2017