Come and visit our country!

The project will start in October 2016 and will end in May 2017. The project is about making a posteror a power point presentation about the most beautiful places and areas in your country. It could be pictures, photos or simple drawings advertising your country. The posters may be sent in a traditional way to schools and expose on school boards o...

Project Journal

  • HI!
    here it is my students' presentation (completly done by them)
    We wish you a wonderful summer .. as we start our holidays tomorrow...
    (only students.. here in Italy teachers work till the end of June)
    - Posted by Ambra Modenini, 09.06.2017

  • Here it is a power point for you :-) Hopefully you will enjoy it.

    - Posted by Jolana Madigárová Kubišová, 05.06.2017

  • Our posters are ready. Here is one of them. I will upload the video soon as well as the powerpoint for you.


    - Posted by Jolana Madigárová Kubišová, 02.06.2017

  • Polish students say big "thank you" for your postcards. All of them are beautiful!
    - Posted by Małgorzata (Maggie) Tubilewicz, 01.06.2017

  • our Power Point presentation is here
    - Posted by Małgorzata (Maggie) Tubilewicz, 30.05.2017