Step 2: Instructions for group presentations

  • Presentations - Instructions for German students

    Being older, you have to provide the French students with the kind of information that will...

    a. enhance their understanding of typical features of detective stories

    b. enable them to collaboratively write a story in step 3

    As a preparation for your A-level exams, it is vital that you create texts that are clearly tailored to the target audience.

    In our case, the target audience is the very people whose videos you could see in "Step 1": The students were so nice as to tell you about their likes and dislikes. This was done to give you a chance to explain the topic of your presentation with examples they will understand.


    1. Put your name into the list below. Make sure that there are not more than 4 students per topic!

    2. Create a Tutorial about your topic, and explain the aspect (see below) you should focus on by using one example from a story you have read in class and examples that ring a bell with your target audience!

    Deadline: Please upload the video / give me a stick with your video / send me your video before half term break.

    Aspects to be explained
    Aspect Students

    The flamboyant character

    as detective

    Sören, Jakob, Katharina, Nele

    The sidekick, standing in awe

    and admiration

    Lena, Aniska, Julia and Rebeka

    The element of surprise / the comic twist

    in the story



    tampering with "story time"

    and "narrative time"

    Dana, Lena F. , Leonie, Gretha

    Disguise as part of the


    Emily, Isa, Hanna, Marie



    Narrative perspective





    "red herrings" / "false clues