Students in several countries will work on the detective story genre in English. This work will take place in parallel in order to prepare for the project. International groups of students will work together to teach each other about various key elements of the genre. This will be followed by collaborative creative writing. Various age groups w...

Project Journal

  • The project has come to an end.

    Congratulations to everyone who participated. You were a great group to work with and your final productions are excellent!

    The forum is still open for comments.

    Have a great summer!

    - Posted by Heather Bainbridge, 16.06.2017

  • Storyboards and feedback time!

    The French students are working on storyboards to illustrate key moments from a few of the stories.

    We are all going to catch up at our video conference on Thursday 1st June in the morning.

    We'll be feeding back about the project together then.

    See you Thursday!
    - Posted by Heather Bainbridge, 30.05.2017

  • So, everyone has been finishing the stories.... You have been doing some wonderful work.

    Both of us teachers are enjoying reading your work.

    We are posting our corrections onto the story pages on p.6, highlighted in yellow. You'll all get some feedback.
    - Posted by Heather Bainbridge, 20.04.2017

  • We had a bit of a guilty conscience because the French presents were so much better than ours.
    So we recorded this song for you!

    Merry Christmas French Version.avi

    - Posted by Christian Fischer, 11.01.2017

  • Dear everybody,

    the webcam function is not available to students, but there is an "old school" chatroom we will use to meet!


    Christian Fischer
    - Posted by Christian Fischer, 08.12.2016