1, 2, 3... Come and count with me!

A simple Math project for pupils aged 6-8.


Project Journal

  • Also our figure - numbers...


    - Posted by Maria Mantzila, 14.12.2016

  • Our art - numbers are ready!!!


    - Posted by Maria Mantzila, 14.12.2016

  • Forming international teams.
    Last week we had a test videoconference for teachers to try if everything works. Today there was a lottery to divide all students into 5 teams. Here they are:

    GROUP 1: Sojay (ESP), Marin, Zaharias, Valentini (GRC), Ayşegül, Ümeyra (TUR), Kai, Sofia (FIN), Miia (EST)

    GROUP 2: Tereesa (EST), Claudia (ESP), Inka, Mauri, Taimi (FIN), Nihat, Berk Ramazan (TUR), Maria-Irini, Nefeli, Froso (GRC)

    GROUP 3: Maria, Amarildo, Giannis Z (GRC), Bahattin, Zeinep Gülsüm (TUR), Henry, Frans (FIN), David D (ESP), Elmo (EST)

    GROUP 4: Mia-Ann (EST), Irene (ESP), Leevi, Lauri (FIN), Mustafa, Arslan (TUR), Katerina, Nina, Stefania (GRC)

    GROUP 5: Melina, Nikolas, Giannis (GRC), Simay, Süleyman (TUR), Senni, Lasse (FIN), Sara, David S (ESP), Naatan (EST)

    Now let's have fun together!



    - Posted by Pille Kaisel, 22.09.2016