a Music Project TOUR of FAME&HITS!!! THE BEST OF DISCO&DANCE, ROCK&ROLL, LATINO FESTIVALS worldwide and in the country of ours from 60's 70's 80's 90's till the 21 st century TOP HITS We will present the TOP TEN of every DECADE WE will LEARN the words of songs. ENGAGE in the dancing shows. ACTIVATE everyone in The Music Clips and finally DESIGN the posters for The MUSIC DISPLAYS to be able to ACHIEVE successful outcomes! THE Teams will LEAD 2 MOVE 4 FUN(LearnEngageAndDiscover)different characters on the TV MUSIC SHOW!!! We will record the Common MCD Show with MovieMaker, share some parts of Clips,Shows,Events,Interviews etc.... THE DREAM MUSIC characters are going to shown related to well known cartoons&films worldwide and in the country of ours! We will present the famous music characters appearance and personality, places,events and part in performing songs,dances,festivals

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