"Eurocomics" - explore Europe through comics.

A comic book character, created by students, will take the reader around each European partner country involved, discovering hidden treasures, local recipes, and folklore, stringing each bit of information into a fantastic storyline which the students will write collaboratively through the forum, within international groups formed by themselves and...

Project Journal

  • Before doing the Quizizz, please do the "My Maps" treasure for Caserta and suburbs at this link:
    - Posted by Angela Lucia Capezzuto, 18.04.2018

  • Move2Learn, Learn2Move mobility

    Our Italian partners are coming to Greece !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    - Posted by Athina Garbola, 13.04.2018

  • I'm happy to say that we also finally got the national Quality Label.........better late than never!! :)

    - Posted by Anna Capezzuto, 17.10.2017

  • We got the national quality label too !!!!!!
    - Posted by Athina Garbola, 05.08.2017

  • We've got the NQL!!!

    - Posted by Angela Lucia Capezzuto, 31.07.2017