We would like to look back on forgotten professions, search for information about them and see if any of them is still alive in our time.

The schedule of our project

1) September - October

    a) Let’s get to know each other

    b) We’ll arrange the dates of our online meetings (one meeting per two weeks) and the place of the meetings (TwinSpace, Facebook, Forum)

    c) The contest concerning the logo of the project

2) November – December

    a) Looking for forgotten professions and their descriptions on the Internet and books

    b) Each group makes a list of forgotten professions

3) January

    a) Choosing a given profession to describe

    b) We all decide which professions we’re going to describe. We don’t want to double them

4) February – April

    a) We make papers for an online magazine

    b) Each group makes its own articles (texts and illustrations). We arrange technical details (the type and the size of the font, the intervals between the lines)

5) May

    a) Publication of our online magazine and summing up the project

    b) We publish our articles on common file, placed on Google Drive. We save the file in PDF and publish on ISSUU platform

    c) Project presentation in our schools

Author: Katarzyna Chojnacka-Musiał
Last editor: Katarzyna Chojnacka-Musiał