The Sustainability Journey of Generation Z


We can define the modern world order as more production, more consumption, more resource use and more waste. We live by haphazardly constructing and consuming our economic and social life as if there is no tomorrow, as if there is another world to live in. But our world is sending us a message every day that we should take good care of it. The climate crisis, social inequality, reduced inclusion and accessibility. Yet we have a method for understanding and controlling our impact on the world. What's that? Sustainability. Thanks to this project, we will learn the concept of sustainability, which may sound very abstract, in all its details. More precisely, we will reconsider our daily life, which we are already accustomed to, from the perspective of sustainability. We will open the doors of a more livable world by organizing many activities from health to education, from culture to the protection of our ecosystem and natural resources.

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