Developing Strategies, Practices and Finding solutions to Obesity (Healthy Life) by Taking Attention to Healthy Eating and Physical Activities Using Intercultural Learning by Including Disadvantaged People

The specific objectives of this project are: bringing European dimension into promoting interactive methods and tools that increase students understanding of a healthy lifestyle, functioning as an educational resource for students to lead them to prevent diseases, to improve their eating habits, to improve their school performance, informing students on rules of a safe and correct nutrition. There are three countries involved in the project: Turkey, Romania and Bulgaria and we have planned 3 mobilities for teachers and students from all the parter countries. Concrete results will be as follows: project internet page, logo, countries will prepare own schools food pyramid by using recycling or waste materials, preparing public spot, project blog, youtube channel, etwinning site and Twinspace, all partner countries measure their students "Body Mass Index and support them to discover more about healthy lifestyles.

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