To be continued...

The goal of the project is to create a cumulative story. All project participants will write 2-4 paragraphs in succession. Every partner will continue the story they received from the previous partner based on the three keywords provided by the previous partner. The students will also create one illustration per paragraph provided by the previous g...

Project Journal

  • - Posted by Nino Kalandia, 07.02.2018

  • I would hereby like to thank everyone for participating. We did amazing work and our students created wonderful stories. I hope you all had as much fun as I did. See you next time.
    - Posted by Dejan Šiptar, 30.08.2017

  • Quality label number three


    - Posted by Dejan Šiptar, 05.07.2017

  • Hello everyone. Tsalenjikha public school, Georgia from the Morpheus team created an e-book. So instead of filming students decided to create a book.
    - Posted by Nino Kalandia, 04.07.2017

  • And here it goes... Quality Label from Lithuania! Congratulations to everyone and thank you very much for your input into our project!


    - Posted by Vilda Kiaunyte, 29.06.2017