"Scales and Sizes"

This project mix up different subjects such as Biology, Physics, Maths. We all noticed that our pupils find it difficult to figure out the different levels of organization of elements that surround us, so...

Project Journal

  • Quality label from Italy


    - Posted by Antonio Torriani, 20.11.2017

  • Our project on the Vigo local press


    - Posted by Esther Pérez Fernández, 02.11.2017

  • And the same for France... :-)


    - Posted by Julien Baldini, 31.10.2017

  • The European Quality Label in Spanish


    - Posted by Esther Pérez Fernández, 29.10.2017

  • Celebrating our European Quality label, with most of the Spanish students that worked in this project. Congratulations to everyone! We really did a good job!


    - Posted by Esther Pérez Fernández, 29.10.2017