"Scales and Sizes"

This project mix up different subjects such as Biology, Physics, Maths. We all noticed that our pupils find it difficult to figure out the different levels of organization of elements that surround us, so...

Project Journal

  • Good job everyone !!! Thank you !!


    - Posted by Laurent Soupeaux, 11.09.2017

  • GOOD new from France !
    Thank you again dear colleagues for your collaboration !

    eTwinning Label.jpg

    - Posted by Julien Baldini, 09.09.2017

  • Well, this the the end of our project ! We wish to thank you to all those who have participated in that project. All the teachers of course, but most importantly all the students that have done a such a great job !
    This was a wonderful collaboration !

    But in fact this is not really the end. Next year we’ll begin a new project the « Powers of ten » project with another partner from Serbia. It will be even more collaborative and enjoyable !

    By the way, down here you can take a look at the project assessment.

    Once again thank you all !

    - Posted by Julien Baldini, 27.06.2017

  • Bye bye my good friends!
    - Posted by Lara Spain-Vigo, 21.06.2017

  • goodbay. I really like work with French and Italy, a very good experince and if i can i will repeat this experince

    - Posted by Xoan Otero Rodriguez, 21.06.2017