New projects started during seminar

  • After the end of the seminar we will start populating a list here with info and links about the projects that the participants start together.

    To help us making the list, please add here your Project-title, names of the participating teachers (and their countries), and link to the project description.

    [To be updated ...]

    Project list

    Project title Teachers (countries) Age of students LINK to project description on eTwinning Live LINK to TwinSpace
    Critical Thinkers As DigiNatives

    Elvina Alakbarova (AZ)

    Tsiala Chanturia (GE)


    Aytan Jafarova (AZ)

    Lali Kurdadze (GE)

    Nigar Shukurova (AZ)

    Nino Akhaladze (GE)

    Nino Goderdzishvili (GE)

    Svetlana Lutencu(RM)

    12-14 Live LINK TwinSpace LINK
    Please, fill in ...        
    • Please use the precize name of your project, as you have named it when you create the project on the Live desktop.
    • Name1 and name2 should be the names of the two project founders that start the project. Any further names would be the other partners that you'll add to the project as soon as it's approved from the NSOs.
    • Also indicate the age frame for the classes.
    • LINKS to the project: We from the two organising NSO's side will add when the projects have been approved. Until then we do not have the links.

    Those of you who used the Project template for writing your project description, please also share your file in the 'Materials' section. Please name the file with a logic name, so we can recognize it.

    [To be updated, thanks for helping and sharing]