Gender Group on eTwinning

  • On eTwinning there are also different groups on different topics that you can join:

    There is a group called "Gender Know-How to Stop Stereotypes". If you are are intererested in gender and sexuality issues in relation to education, then you are most welcome! 

    On Tuesday 1st February at 18h CET there will be an online group meeting. It is not about finding project partners, but about exchanging ideas, links and materials and share our expereriences e.g. how to prevent gender stereotypes, promote gender equality and prevent homophobic language etc.

    I, Marie Louise Petersen, from Denmark, moderate this group and organise expert-talks on gender isssues. The last expert-talk was with a guest speaker from "End sexism in School" and about what kind of literature students read in relation to gender.

    Link to Gender Group