Roll the Dice

Games allow us to develop different skills and values. Playing we acquire new knowledge, we communicate, express emotions and use imagination. With our project we want to promote the game as a useful learning and conciliation tool in our lives, but not only at early stages. The main aim of our project is developing language skills in the foreign la...

Project Journal

  • This is the end... Our project is almost finished and we must say goodbye or most probably a "seeyousoon". We hope to continue working together in future project as we have had a really great and profitable time all together. Thank you to all the team!!

    You can also visit the Erasmus+ platform of results to know more about our project!
    - Posted by Yasmin Aloy, 11.08.2016

  • You can visit our website to see all the activities and results of our project Roll the Dice.
    - Posted by Yasmin Aloy, 11.08.2016

  • Great work by Romanian partners. Here you can have a look at a great summary of our project. Y
    You can also have a look at all the booklets in our project's website.
    - Posted by Yasmin Aloy, 11.08.2016

  • And that was the end... A great week in Poland!!! Thank you all for those amazing days.



    - Posted by Yasmin Aloy, 11.08.2016

  • Open Doors day in Artà! Our students prepared an exposition with all the material from our project. They did it great! We also enjoyed the two performances of our 1st and 2nd class! A great day. Thank you all!!!




    - Posted by Yasmin Aloy, 11.08.2016