Come On Become You -Positive Behavior Development Project


In order to ensure the development of positive behavior, the weekly development of primary school secondary school children is determined under the project title -Come on, Become YOU-, and the level of development is followed to determine in which areas they have progressed and what gains they have achieved.The development test gives detailed information about the level of the student and what needs to be done.Individual studies are carried out when necessary.At each grade level, the student with the most improvement and progress is selected by taking a time slot each week.A school board is prepared by preparing a'best list'on the basis of all classes, and the students who are entitled to be selected are rewarded for their motivation.An activity is held with one student selected from the 5-6-7 and 8th grades.These activities are shared with the partners. Each partner tells about his/her achievement. Students share videos with students from other schools.The project duration is 6 month.

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