Happy Schools make happy students

According to the 2015 World Happiness Report, schools that give priority to learner well-being, have the potential to be more effective, with better learning outcomes and greater achievements in student's lives. So, not only have some countries began to position happiness as an objective of their development policies, but happiness is becoming more and more important in education policies. Therefore, there is increasing recognition of the need for learning assessments to look beyond strictly academic outcomes and place importance on measuring the social and emotional domains of learning that encourage learners to be better equipped and motivated to contribute to more peaceful, equitable, sustainable and happier societies. More than ever before, this signals the need for schools to become happier places, where qualities that are essentially based on relationships, including empathy, tolerance, respect for diversity, communication and teamwork are truly the basis for an education that aims for creativity, critical thinking, self-motivation, perseverance and optimism. The main idea of our project is that schools can be happier places and that all human beings can learn to be happy, but can also be happy to learn.

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