A Snapshot of Europe 2015

Pupils will take photos for the categories PEOPLE, PLACES, SPORT, and NATURE. Each school submits their favourites to the project blog where all particpating schools can see them and vote for their favourites.


    Project Journal

    • Results are out! Check the blog! Congratulations to the winners!
      - Posted by Maria Antoinette Magro, 04.06.2015

    • Hello, my friends!
      I've added my pupils as a member of twinspace. They are very happy to be a part of this project. Best regards to all!
      - Posted by Lareta Žubrinić, 17.04.2015

    • Hello Snapshotters!
      This weekend, I will be sending an email to all participants, so please check your inbox on Twinspace. I will also send a copy of the email to your personal inbox, but I do not have everyone's email address. Please send me your email address as soon as possible on my Twinspace inbox or on my personal address: mantmagro@gmail.com
      - Posted by Maria Antoinette Magro, 16.04.2015

    • I have started too and got a good number of photos....hope to get more!
      - Posted by Maria Antoinette Magro, 16.04.2015

    • Hello. I have starded and got 5 photos and waiting for more.

      - Posted by Elin Stefansdottir, 14.04.2015