Weaving threads of memories: a gallery of shared stories.

This project aims at the creation of a new awareness of students' identities. Students and teachers from the different participating schools will share the differences, accepting their individuality and acquiring self confidence. English is the communication language. The students bring or create and then present some items (real items, or poe...


    Project Journal

    • Hi everybody,
      Here are some photos of the exhibition we presented at our school about our objects with stories. It was a great success! All the best to all and enjoy your holidays.
      By the way, I have just applied for the quality label.
      Thanks for our wonderful coorporation!

      exposition au lycée projet eTwinning reduit.jpg

      Exposition au lycée projet eTwinning 2 réduit.jpg

      Exposition au projet eTwinning 3 réduit.jpg

      20170524_085128 réduit.jpg

      - Posted by Achille ZAFAR, 02.07.2017

    • This is the final step. OUR GALLERY OF SHARED MEMORIES.

      - Posted by Jessica Bruini, 27.05.2017

    • Hello dear students and dear teachers... We are getting close to the end of our project.
      It has been very fruitful, interesting and stimulating to work with you all on this project.
      Please, check pages 6 and 7: you can visit the gallery created upon your stories (p.6) and you can answer some questions to evaluate the project and its steps(p.7).
      I want to thank you all for the hard work done and for the beatiful stories you wrote.
      THANK YOU.
      GOOD LUCK!
      - Posted by Jessica Bruini, 19.05.2017

    • Students from Italy have started to invent the stories... go and check the google.docs and add elements to the newv stories!
      Remeber: you should invent a story which includes all the objects in the document.
      - Posted by Jessica Bruini, 08.04.2017

    • Thanks Jessica for sharing your photos. they are great and moving. Good job on part of your school!
      - Posted by Achille ZAFAR, 07.04.2017