For a long time, cinema and literature have been leisure activities that make our life pleasant and entertaining. But they are above all art. They have educational components in addition to entertaining features. If watched with interest, movies reveal rich visual, auditory, verbal and rhythmic elements. It is very important to make students aware of these elements to help them analyse and adapt to any situation and understand how their own behaviours can have beneficial consequences in their daily lives. Besides cinema opens our minds to different points of view and allow us to enrich our knowledge of the world. students will learn how to be more efficient to acquire new knowledge and will be more successful in their lessons. Speaking, listening, reading, writing, observing will improve the students’ verbal and non-verbal communication skills. They will affirm their own personality and become more self-confident.Just like books, movies allow students insight into the lives of different characters, how their perspective differs and how they handle certain situations. Films provide authentic language input and a stimulating framework for classroom discussions. They also provide a realistic view of the language and culture providing insights into the reality of life of native English speakers

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