Project Description

  • About the project

    Collaborating on different activities students will work on economic issues and learn about historical, cultural and first of all economical features of different European regions.

    Work process

    The project will take place from November 2021 to April 2022. First of all we will focus on the following activities:

    • presenting interesting facts from historical, cultural and economic point of view in the special region;
    • working on different economic topics (primary, secondary, tertiary sectors, environmental initiatives, sustainable development, internal strategies to increase profits, office work, staff management etc.);
    • working in groups on economic activities common to all participating countries (e.g. common industries, business common to all countries, clean energy companies);
    • collaborating during crossed activities and international video conferences during which students can e.g. present their family business.
    • working in international groups on a group book using online collaborating tools etc.