Together, we celebrate better/ Ensemble, célébrons mieux


It often happens that aspects of the culture and traditions regarding English and French-speaking countries are hurriedly approached in class, falling far short of the curiosity shown by the students for the respective topics. As a way to develop intercultural competence, through collaborative and creative dynamics, the idea of this eTwinning project emerged and it will have as its main objective the development of activities on the most traditional celebrations in Anglophone and Francophone countries and also those that stand out in the European context, in the partner countries or those that have an international nature related to other subjects of the curriculum (Citizenship, Natural Sciences and Artistic Expressions). It is intended that students carry out research on the different celebrations/festivities and create different presentations, in collaboration with their European partners, through podcasts, videos, posters, digital games, dramatizations, roleplays or dialogues.

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