Ready eTwinner One


The idea of ‚Äč‚Äčthis project is to use the idea proposed in the film: "Ready Player One" to carry out a series of collaborative activities, between the participating schools, in a gamified way. Through the search for an Easter egg hidden in the deepest of the internet, the participating students will have to develop different collaborative activities to get the keys that allow access to it. The idea is to participate in a project that, through a gamified theme, allows us to work not only on important aspects such as participation and cooperation within a European environment, communication and collaborative work or the importance of using English language to communicate with other countries, but we also intend to address with it one of the most important aspects that our students have to face in recent years, such as the proper use of the internet and social networks, netiquette and above all, knowing strategies to face and tackle problems such as cyberbulling from a very early age.

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