•  Seven petals from Latvia represent our culture, nature and traditions.

    1. Beaches. Latvia is located at the Baltic sea. Although our summers are not very long and hot people love relaxing at the sea and enjoy bathing and swimming whatever the temperature. There are people who do it all year round and they are called "seals".

    2. Midsummer bonfire. People in Latvia celebrate summer solstice, the shortest night in the year. They do not sleep, go out at the nature, make a bonfire, meet friends and relatives and wait for the sunrise together. They dance, sing and jump over the fire. They prepare special food for the celebration. Cheese with caraway seeds is the most popular one. 

    3. Rye bread. People in Latvia eat a lot of bread. There are many kinds of bread. Even nowadays a lot of housewives bake bread for the family themselves. Rye bread is very special.

    4. Storks. There are many storks in Latvia. They are beautiful birds whose nests can be found all around, everywhere in the most unbelievable places.

    5. Windmills.  They were used for crushing corn into flour. There are still quite a lot of them in the countryside. Some are made into cafes.

    6. Porridge. Every year our pupils have a porridge week. They are taught about different healthy diet and eating habbits. Every class has to make some porridge and there is a contest for the most delicious porridge.

    7. Honey and bees. Eating honey is not only very sweet but also healthy. There is a special Honey festival in our town at the end of August every year.