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    Our trip to the Tate Liverpool Art Gallery and Museum

    Years 5 and 6 had an opportunity to visit Tate Liverpool, an art gallery and museum. It holds a collection of British and international art and also holds a programme of temporary exhibitions where we were fortunate to see Matisse’s work.   Children were set tasks, familiarising themselves with a gallery environment and activities where they had to make connections creatively with the artworks on a personal level.

    During our visit to Liverpool,  we were very lucky to see one of the most colourful attractions there, which was the Dazzle Ferry.  We went on board for a 50 minute River Explorer Cruise to see the  ferry’s colourful design, created by Sir Peter Blake as part of the First World War commemorations.  The eye-catching dazzle design was used in honour of the patterns that were first used on vessels in World War One. 

    The children used what they had learnt during their visit back in school when organising their own art gallery for parents.