Pupils' meeting on Elba (1)


    At the Institute of Porto Azzurro it finally concluded the meeting  with the schools of Norway and Latvia for the project of Europe “Erasmus Plus”.

    After the first meeting at Athens  in November 2015, it was this the next step of the new project called “B.L.O.S.S.O.M.” acronym meaning “Both Listen, to our Souls and sharpen our minds” that synthesises the central theme of the new three year journey that anticipates exchanges between students  and teachers between seven European schools . A big and incredible opportunity of meeting and grouth for the children of Elba  that saw again  the help of the parents, the local administrations and lots of other people close to the school.

    This synergy  made it incredible , unique and unforgettable bettering and strengthening relations and comunication skills in English. The delegations of the partner kids were accepted from our families with hospitality and friendship.

    The planned activities given to the students of the primary schools and secondary schools allowed them to work together with foreign students discovering cultures and traditions of different countries. The teachers were able to confront with their ambassador colleagues and with them they planned  communal activities opening new prospectives for the creation of relationship and exchanges between young Europeans. Naturally  during these days the natural background for the project was our island given value by our wonderful guides that accompained the groups on different walking and cultural trails in the territory.

    It was an amazingly interesting event, for school open to flexible processes of stimulation of the different  intelligences that are in each of us like explained H. Gardner , his theories are the bases for the project.

    In the course of the year all the schools will continue to keep in touch trough digital channels sharing on the European platform activities and educational strategies . A warm thank you goes to all of those who shared with us this experience.