1st meeting in Greece

  • The 1st transnationl kick off meeting for the B.L.O.S.S.O.M. project took place in the 18th Primary School of Peristeri in Greece, from the 15th to the 20th of November, 2015. Teachers, parents and staff from Greece had the pleasure to welcome delegations from all partner schools.

    During this visit, we worked on the organisation and planning of the first year of our project, we were trained on the concept of multiple intelligences, we visited the Town Hall and informed the Mayor about the objectives of our project and we visited historical sites.

    In order to see a video from the welcome ceremony click the following link: 











    Report from Elba:


    It started in Athens the first meeting of the European  project “Erasmus Plus”, that joined together all the classes of the primary schools of Porro Azzurro. The teachers Paola Paolini, Carla Fanelli and Emy Basile, that are the project leaders of the three year poject, participated in the meeting at the Primary School  of Peristeri from the 15th to the 20th of November. The school partners who were present at the first organised a new friendship meeting were Greece, Norway, Latvia, Slovenia, Wales and Italy (with the Carducci and Sestini of Agliana Schools present).

    The title of the project is B.L.O.S.S.O.M., acronym meaning  “Both Listen To Our Souls and Sharpen our minds” and synthesizes the central theme of this new journey that for the next three years will mean exchanges between students and teachers from the participating European schools.

    The working groups elaborated useful strategies for the development and learning of the students, following the multiple studies on intelligence by H Gardner.

    The project has as its strength to get to know and value the individual's intelligence contrasting early school abandonment with and promoting permanent education (life long learning).

    The teachers will concentrate on the role of facilitators listening to the voices of the students and responding to their needs. They will support the acquisition of their skills necessary for their learning paths and guaranteeing their emotional growth.

    The teachers were welcomed at the Institute of Porto Azzurro with  warm affection and friendship from the President, from Christina Stratou (in charge of the guest school) and from the whole staff and even the entire staff of the administration from the comune.

    Overall it took place in the context of respect for different cultures, social differences, languages and religions, sharing ideals and educational values. The vehicle language is English like for the previous project “Comenius”.