• Den Lille Dyrehage - "The Small Zoo and Rainforest"

    In Gjerstad we do not have a botanical garden, but we do have Norway's largest rainforest.

    It is artificial, and it is situated in its own building inside the Small Zoo. This environment is identical to the rainforest in South America.

    The  area is 1200 square meters, where 170+ species of plants, and also many birds, mammals, fish and reptiles live. We also experienced real tropical rain there.

    Some of the species we can see in the Zoo are: Small monkeys, lemurs, surikats, crocodiles, snakes, and domestic animals.

    Pupils from our school go there, and the pictures in this post show our 6th graders.  It was an amazing trip - as ususal. Even if the rainforest is a built one, we can experience the animals in their natural habitat. We were educated upon the topics of how our treatment of rainforests effect the environment of our planet. We participated in feeding the animals, and also gained experience of the work of an animal keeper.