• The Bodily-Kinesthetic Intelligence relies on learning by doing—moving and manipulating objects, bodily movements, competitive and collaborative sports and movement. Bodily-kinaesthetic people use the body effectively. They have keen sense of body awareness. They like movement, making things, touching.
    Playing games is strongly connected with specific physical skills such as coordination, balance, dexterity, strength, flexibility, and speed. Any activity that relies on TPR/TPRS (total physical response) strengthens the bodily-kinesthetic intelligence.





     In Agliana (May 2016) the bodily-kinesthetic intelligence was the central theme of the whole week. Children from the different countries had to chance to try several sports and games like:

    • dancing
    • playing basket, tennis, football
    • ... or simply learning the rules of each others' traditional games and playing them to have fun all together!