• Naturalist intelligence deals with sensing patterns in and making connections to elements in nature.

    Kids with “nature smarts” may be able to categorize or catalog things quite easily. As children they often like to collect, classify, or read about things from nature — rocks, fossils, butterflies, feathers, shells, animals and the like.

    Often from early ages:

    • These are the children who see both the forest and the trees
    • They must be outside playing, looking, seeking, getting their hands dirty
    • They spend time exploring — splashing in streams; looking at and under rocks; peering through magnifiers or microscopes to look at soil or sand, or to scope water samples
    • They like to watch clouds, stare at sunsets, and count the colors in the prism of each new  rainbow,
    • They are attuned to the phases of the moon, and readily read and understand the mysteries and patterns of the night sky
    • These children are the ones who know folks or pets are not feeling well, and
    • They are the ones who wonder about the things they see around them and ask endless questions about what they observe