French logos

  • Logos from the French students

    Team 1

    This logo has one text. It says "R E E"These are the frist letters of Recycle / Environment / English.
    The text is black on a white background.

    The logo has many images . It is a drawing of Earth with a little green. On this Earth ,there are many things for example two flags ,a factory , a tree.

    The logo is a drawing of Earth It represents nature. there are drawing of flags because they represent the penfriend project and the factory represents the pollution.

    Team 2

    The logo has two texts. The logo has seven images. The left pencil is writing Poland and the right one France.
    On the right of letters there are two arrows that indicate the sending of letters. In the center there is a letter that has two different flags .At the bottom of the letter there is the Earth that represents the environment and at the bottom of the earth there is a logo that represents recycling.

    Team 3

    Our logo has one text .It says "Protect the Earth". The text is green on a white background.

    The logo has six images. It is a drawing of the Earth in a letter. On the Earth there are trees and factories we also put the flags of France and Poland. We cross out one factory and put more trees than factories.

    The drawing of the letter and the flags represents the link with the penfriend project. We put the Earth because is the place where we live and it’s also the source of life. We put some trees and factories, we cross out one factory to say that we need more trees and less factories. We wrote "protect the Earth" that says we need to protect the Earth and not destroy it.

    Team 4

    On the letter there is a symbol, this symbol represents ecology.
    We can see arrows and letters, they represent the messages between France and Poland.
    Our project is an exchange between our school and one school in Poland.

    Team 5

    This image represents one tree and one letter between two flags ,the French flag and the Polish flag. On the letter there is a symbol, this symbol represents ecology .The arrow represents the exchanges between France and Poland .Our project is an exchange between our school and one school in Poland.

    Team 6

    My logo has one text. It says "Eco-Friends". The text is black on a background that is the Earth. The word friends is underlined twice because it represents the pen-friends and our friendships. My logo has images. At the top there is the drawing of the Earth which symbolizes nature, and two leaves which also symbolizes it, and a letter which represents the pen-friends. Last but not least at the bottom, there are two shaking hands which symbolizes peace and friendship between Poland and France, us and also our pen-friends. I chose these colors because it seems calm like nature. The links with the pen-friend project are the drawing of the letter and the shaking hands. I chose this logo because I like peace and friendship compared to war and enmity, and also because I love nature.

    Team 7

    This logo has two texts . It says "France" and "Poland" .The text is black on a green background.
    The logo has one drawing. It is a drawing of the planet Earth.
    At the top there are butterflies. On the left and on the right there are flowers. At the bottom there are two hands; one black hand and one white hand.
    We chose to represent two hands because there are people from different nationalities in the project . We chose to represent flowers and butterflies because we must protect all that lives on Earth.

    Team 8

    This logo has no text .At the top there are two letters with French and Polish flags on it .The letters represent the penfriend project. The logo also represents the Earth ,on the left it's now :it's blue and green and on the right it's the future Earth because of the contamination : the colors are brown and black. The red cross represents what we don't want and the green tick represents what we want.

    Team 9

    The logo has three drawings. There are two flags which represent the flag of France and Poland as friends.
    The colors of the flag of France are blue white and red .The colors of the flag of Poland are white and red .
    The arrows and envelopes represent the messages and doing a project together.
    The link with the penfriend project is the envelope with arrows. It's when the penfriends send their letters to us and we send our letters to them.

    Team 10
    Team 11

    My logo represents some flowers and leaves around the Earth.
    It represents nature.
    At the top of the image there are the flags of France and Poland.
    At the bottom of the image,it is written penfriends it means the friendship between us and the friends of Poland.
    In the Earth,there is a hidden face: the eyes of the face are the flags of the two countries. The nose is the small continent and the mouth is the big continent.

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