Bridging the Past, Present and Future


The project is going to last 6 months.It will start in October and end in March.Students will travel back in time,learn the world they are living in, make predictions about the future.They will compare the life in the past ,present and future in terms of science,technology and climate. They will travel across the bridge that takes them from their yesterday to their tomorrow.The global situation is changing our personal and professional lives at so many levels.Students will analyse the differences in many ways.They will make comparisons on how technology ,science and climate changed the way we live.They will work on how technology changed the way we entertain ourselves education ,chores ,transportation ,communication ,agriculture,wars,the way we eat ,clothing,cities ,shopping,healthcare ,traditions,work and jobs and what life will be like in the future. The project will also build awareness about the hot topic global warming, its impacts and how it will change the life on the planet

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