Meya Okuryazalığı ve Dezenformasyon Projesi (MOYDEP) Media Literacy and Disinformation Project


Media Literacy for All 2020 Preparatory Action of the European Commission; It defines “media literacy” as an expression that encompasses all technical, cognitive, social, civic and creative abilities that enable citizens to access, have a critical understanding of and interact with the media. The terms in this definition will be incorporated into the curriculum in primary schools; It will be a learning process that will be developed and disseminated for our students, raising awareness in their parents, common teachers, all stakeholders with whom they interact. “Disinformation” is defined as provably false and misleading information created, presented or disseminated for economic gain and deliberately deceiving the public and may cause public harm. It is possible to ensure that our 6/11 age group students, who are most open to disinformation, can become conscious media literate in the future with awareness raising and right choice studies.

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