In our project, we aimed to develop a sense of art and aesthetics in students aged 7-11, by using different branches of art, to make a connection between today's understanding of art and past understandings of art, including research and examination skills about well-known artists in their field. We aimed to introduce children to the branches of art they are interested in (origami, miniature, ceramics, quiling, mask, sculpture, marbling, mosaic etc.). With this project, children will get to know and discover works of art and artists that have important places in the world and in our country. Recognition of painters and artists to be determined jointly, examination of their works; In this sense, it is aimed to realize their own designs. In this project, students will examine the biographies of artists and painters and some examples of their masterpieces and present them to their friends. Inspired by these artworks, they will draw, model and display their own artworks in their own school

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