Throw Back to the 20th Century

The project "Throw back to the 20th Century" offers the opportunity for students to understand and analyse the changes between 1900s and 2000s in their own culture and society. The activities in the project will help them to get awareness of changes in their country over the years with the improvements of technology and conditions. They will question the good and bad aspects of these changes. Moreover, they will understand that there are also many other lifestyles, cultures, and traditions changing in time in Europe and in many other countries. In the end, they will understand that whatever the conditions, cultures and traditions are; no matter how far people live from eachother; all the humans are the same as eachother in terms of being a human being and feelings. They get angry at the same things, upset for the same situations, become happy with the same situations... In short, with our project, our students will become conscious of being global citizens.

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