Projet Culture et Langue/ Language and Culture Project II (2016)

This is a project for the pupils to practise their foreign language skills with their peers; and to find out about the culture of the other country. It is a continuation of a long-term link between our schools, dating back to 2010. We will carry out a number of activities for our pupils to practise their speaking, listening, reading and writing s...

Project Journal

  • Bonjour à tous.
    Nous voulions vous dire que nous avons presque fini le travail sur " one day". Maëlys et Asyrie ont pris des photos de notre école.
    Mardi 26 avril, nos avons le spectacle de notre école. Nous dansons sur le thème de Harry Potter. Toutes les classes font une danse, et nous allons faire notre spectacle dans une très grande salle.
    Faites-vous un spectacle dans votre école ?
    Combien de classes y a-t-il dans votre école ?
    Comment est votre uniforme ?
    A bientôt
    Les éèves de CM2 B
    - Posted by Delphine COQUEREAU, 24.04.2016

  • We really enjoyed filling in the 'My day' information. We like the idea of the project. We look forward to seeing your work. What kind of Easter traditions do you have? Year 5/6 have been rehearsing our Easter assembly. We have had an Easter egg decorating competition (animals). We have also done lots of Easter activities in class. 5/6R
    - Posted by Diana Linford, 23.03.2016

  • Guess what Year 3-4 have been learning this afternoon!

    Days 34.jpg

    - Posted by Diana Linford, 15.03.2016

  • Year 5/6 have been doing some Easter activities this morning!

    Chocolate nests.jpg

    - Posted by Diana Linford, 15.03.2016

  • Bonjour à tous, nous sommes ravis d'avoir un nouveau projet !
    - Posted by Delphine COQUEREAU, 02.03.2016