Project Rules


    Every participant and his/her posts,messages,materials and everything published must be in line with European Union’s Fundamental Values and general principles.

    1)Participants agree to be inclusive, respectful, polite, tolerate, friendly each other in this project.

    2)Participants can’t use e Twinning for commercial purposes.

    3) Participants can’t tolerate bulling,spamming and trolling

    4) Participants ensure that the materials, content which are uploaded to the platform don’t break any copyrights. If you use post photos, you can use only from free banks.

    5)Teachers ensure their students’ privacy and safety seriously.

    6)  It is not allowed to share someone else's personal data and photos without obtaining consent

    7) Teachers shouldn't post photos with the students' faces easily identifiable.

    8)  Partners should avoid using students' full names. You can say Anna C. instead of Anna Crown

    9)Participants ensure to be active in this project and try to join/make many activities.

    10) Teachers will collect parental  permissions of all students who will take part in this project.

    11)If the participants have any problems, they will contact with project founders

    You can access the eTwinning eSafety Rules from the link: