e Safety

  • As B.I.L.S.E.M Project Team , we are concerned with e-Safety issues regarding netiquette( online ethics), copyrights, data protection, privacy etc.


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    the most important thing for us...

    Anna Plewa, ZSTiH, Poland

    E safety- priority.

    Tuba GÖREN - Hatay BİLSEM

    e-safety comes first

    Tuba GÖREN - Hatay BİLSEM

    we also get the bronzelabel for our school

    Wejdan Nawafleh/ Somayah secondary school -Jordan

    Our activities internet e-safty

    Derya YILDIRIM/Kayapınar BİLSEM

    We did activities in Safer Internet Day 2022

    Magdalena Mickiewicz, Prywatna SP nr 63 im. Wisławy Szymborskiej w Warszawie (Poland)

    E safety and security is a must, so we watched movies about the project rules, copyright, online safety and discussed the topics. Finally, in groups Students prepared mindmaps to sum up and revise what they have learned about how to be safe and secure online.

    Sincan Şehit Abdullah Büyüksoy Bilim Ve Sanat Merkezi-Derya Ceylan

    We prepared posters to raise more awareness on e-safety