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    Diyarbakır is the largest city in Southeastern Turkey, on the banks of Tigris (Dicle), one of the greatest rivers of Middle East and considererd by many to be the most beautiful city of the Southeastern Anatolia.The old city containing many mosques and churches, is a little run down but enclosed in antique walls. The city walls are very old and certainly worth a walk around. Some of towers are restored by the municipality and are easy to reach from the center of the old city. One such is Kechi Burcu, which offers a nice view of Tigris river below the city, and a great look over the city walls—a teahouse offering traditional tea is nearby as well.Diyarbakir is also famous for delicous food:)Yummy:)

    Tuba GÖREN - Hatay BİLSEM

    My city

    Ankara presentation - Sincan BİLSEM - Derya Ceylan

    Enjoy watching it..

    Anna Plewa

    Bielsko - Biała Architecture


    My City...

    wejdan nawafleh /Jordan- petra somayyah secondary school

    Petra its a beautiful city located in a village called wadi mousa in south of Jordan its a Nabatean city and its well-known for the world as one of the seven wonders. Its the red rose city and its carved in the rocks between mountains also it has many ruins which also carved in the rocks like treasury , canyon , theatre ,and the castle .People are very kind and generous I love my city and invited you to visit it .

    Roxana Onit

    Bistrita is a picturesque, medieval town in the northern part of Transylvania, Romania. Enjoy the video of this presentation:

    Anna Plewa: Bielsko-Biała

    A town in the mountains

    Magdalena Mickiewicz - PSP nr 63 im. Wisławy Szymborskiej w Warszawie Lesson on renewable and non-renewable sources of energy.

    a film by MojoTravels: Top 10 Reasons to Visit Warsaw

    La Matanza de Santomera, Murcia, Spain

    Our school CEIP Campoazahar is located in a small village in the south-east of Spain. This place is called La Matanza de Santomera and it is part of the town Santomera, which is in Región de Murcia. In this link you can find more information about the place.

    GRETA TONOYAN Abovyan N2 Basic School
    Anna Plewa-ZSTiH Bielsko-Biała, Poland

    Bielsko-Biała, presentation prepared by students: Julia Jekiełek, Weronika Szymańska